In partnership with Project Remember, Run To Remember Los Angeles is proud to bring to you the Uniform Challenge.

Project Remember was formed in early 2017 by a group of law enforcement officers from around the country who decided to come together for a common purpose: enduring 26.2 miles of pain to raise awareness, promote fitness, engage the community, and raise funds for the families of fallen officers. Active and retired officers run marathons in full duty uniform: Uniform, bullet proof vest, gun belt, and footwear. An additional 25 pounds to carry through the 26.2 miles.  


Every year dozens of brave men and women in law enforcement pay the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the communities they serve and love. They run so they will not be forgotten. There is a belief that an officer dies twice. Once it is their body dying and second it is their memory dying. That is why we, as a nation, have memorials with names, and ceremonies, and photos. While we couldn’t prevent their first death, we will protect the fallen from the second death. They will be REMEMBERED!

All proceeds raised by Project Remember go to law enforcement memorial organizations that preserve the memory of officers killed in the line of duty and take care of the shattered families that are left behind.

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The Uniform Challenge is open to law enforcement officers and fire fighters, active and retired. Officers will run in full duty uniform for 13.1 miles. 

Alternatively, understanding not everyone is able to complete a half-marathon in full uniform on their first try, we want to give runners an opportunity to participate and run the 10K as well, while being mentored by half marathon & marathon finishers Joe Cirrito, Sean Dodge, and Neil Cervanka, who have been carrying on the message and cause. 

Participants will have the honor of carrying a blue line flag (provided) to commemorate one of the 125 fallen officers in the United States in 2017, or a red line flag (provided) to honor the 93 fallen firefighters. 

The flags will be presented to the families of the fallen later in 2018. 

Credit; Chris Haston

Credit; Chris Haston


Running Uniform for Law Enforcement Officers

  • Uniform
  • Ballistic vest
  • Gun belt
  • Black footwear

Running Uniform for Fire Fighters

  • Turnouts
  • Belt
  • Black footwear
  • Helmet optional

For questions and more information, please contact:




ENTRY FEE 10K:  $150  

Each participant fundraising a minimum of $750 will be refunded the registration fee. 

Fundraisers can be set up on the Crowdrise page for Run To Remember LA.

Stay tuned for more info.