The Run To Remember provides a unique opportunity to bring 1st Responders and community members together to pay tribute to the efforts of all 1st Responders, with a special focus on those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. In these challenging times, it is great to see a major public event that provides all members of the community the opportunity to work together. This race has demonstrated that we all have so much in common and are dedicated to safe communities for all.

Chiefs, Captains, Commanding Officers:

• Identify a Team Captain for your stations/divisions team.

• Identify a Youth Service Officer/Advisor who can engage your Youth Program (Cadets, Explorers).

• Identify a Community Relations Officer to promote the race in your community.

• Every week, through role call or other meetings use internal communications to promote engagement in the race.

• There is a role for every member of the department, either as runners, walkers, volunteers, community relations or to assist with planning.


Running Team Captain: (we encourage every station/division to field a team)

• Recruit a minimum of 5 members to run on your station’s team – there is no limit to team size.

• If competing for the cash prize – develop a training program.

• Every week use role calls to recruit more runners onto your team, slower runners are welcome.

• Get your team members to sign up NOW.


Youth Service Officer/Advisors/Youth Lead:

• Sign up your post with the race, it’s simple just email with your name, station info and contact info. We will follow up with you.

• Promote the race to your Cadets/Explorers, Youth Program members.

• Recruit youth and family members to fulfill a volunteer role at the race. The race will assign volunteer roles to keep your team together at Water Stops, Finish Line, etc.

• Collect applications from all youth runners & volunteers. (Guardian signatures required on waivers).

• The race will coordinate all timelines, and information with you.

• On Race day, all registered youth will receive a free T-shirt, finisher’s Medal and Challenge Coin.

• Past Cadets and Explorers have stated that “in these times with difficult headlines, it was great to see how much the community truly respects and appreciates our 1st Responders”.


Community Relations Officers/Leads:

• Think through the different community organizations that your station encounters. Find friends of the department to participate in the race.

• This is a perfect reason to engage with your community. The mission of the race is to enhance 1st Responder and community relations. Talking about the race gives you reasons to be out there providing the opportunity to your community members to come together with the department in a very positive engagement event.

• At role calls, ask who knows people with local churches, fraternal groups, business organizations, running clubs. Ask if they will go with you to talk to these groups.

• A member of the race steering committee (members of the department) can fully review all the details and benefits of the race and may be able to go with you to meet with larger community groups.

• The Race will provide you with posters and brochures that you can ask groups to distribute or place in retail stores.


Email us for materials: